I'm Chris Stoecklein

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I get asked all the time… What do you do, Chris? And my answer to that is pretty simple, really. I help business leaders develop their teams to reach their full potential and I help individual's reach their full potential and their dreams.
It’s so complex, yet so simple at the same time.

I'm Chris Stoecklein

I am well versed in business operations and in the strategic advantage companies gain by developing their employees and leadership team.

Now, I spend the majority of my time studying, teaching and applying the principles of human growth and potential.  I offer courses, coaching, masterminds and speaking engagements for groups and individuals seeking personal growth, business success and overall fulfillment.

Chris Stoecklein's Story

From Adversity To Accomplished Entrepreneur
Even though his early years were tough, from almost not surviving at birth, being diagnosed with a childhood disease that dramatically changed the way he lived his life, to having a school counselor tell him he wasn't smart enough to go to higher education...all of these are what has given him the clarity and true understanding of why he was put on this earth!  He understands his purpose is to be a catalyst and support to help others achieve their dreams both personally and professionally.  

He brings over two decades of experience in leadership development, HR leadership and strategy, high performance team development, culture building and coaching to strategically help business leaders create high performing, non-leader dependent work teams within their organization.

Chris knows firsthand how leadership and employee development are keys to business sustainability, growth and bottom line profitability.   His skills were honed through over two decades working in large manufacturing facilities leading all aspects of human resources operations, strategically developing leaders throughout all levels of the organization as well as seeing and nurturing teams that continue to grow today. 

Building on this success, Chris became business partners with his mentor, the world renowned leadership John C. Maxwell.  He is now an Independent Executive Director on Maxwell's global team.

Chris is one of the most collaborative and exciting consultants and coaches who is focused on adding value to and changing the lives of others.  His expertise lies in connecting with his clients and audiences as well as presenting information in a fun and learnable way.  His approaches, strategies and focus are truly about helping his clients get the results they desire to have. 

Chris believes in the power of knowledge, and he brings an energized approach to his sessions that helps his clients find solutions that are tailored to their needs. He has a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in leadership and offers powerful strategies for developing strong interpersonal skills. By helping his clients recognize their potential, he provides the necessary resources to unlock success and transform lives. Chris's passion lies in educating, inspiring, and motivating people to become better leaders and successful individuals.

What Other People Say

“I have been part of five different Leadership Development courses facilitated by Chris.  I also had several one-on-one coaching sessions with Chris.  
He is very passionate about challenging people to look within themselves to uncover their dormant dreams and goals. In my case, he helped me realize that past mistakes have nothing to do with future success.
Because of his influence, I am now pursuing a dream that I had given up on long ago.  His technique transcends both professional and personal life which empowers you to really create a work like balance because his focus is YOU.  
I highly recommend Chris to any business or individual who is seeking to improve themselves or simply feels they need a change.  Chris can definitely be described as a “Change Agent”."
- Shane Burnett
"The most significant thing that Chris does that has shifted my thinking and mindset is how wholeheartedly and committed Chris is with teaching this experience.  
He’s not just a teacher he is more like a friend that wants his friends to learn and succeed. During classes it’s easy to stay focused because talking and listening to Chris is very inspiring.
Being able to have someone to talk to you about your past, present and future is an amazing feeling. It’s hard to find people like Chris that actually set out to help people like myself.  With pushing you to do your best and thrive for a better future.
He really wants to push you to fulfill every hope, goal and dream and for that I’ll always be thankful for Chris who has given me a roadmap to follow on my own path of spiritual/professional growth."
- Brandon Holden
"Chris has an incredible ability to influence and inspire others to overcome their limiting beliefs.
Working on ropes course challenges, Chris’ presence, guidance and coaching was like having a support system which gave me strength to do something I never imagined myself being able to do.
Chris has a remarkable ability to empower people and make them believe in themselves.  His coaching infused me with courage, trust and perseverance. Thank you Chris and I look forward to more opportunities for working with you in the future."
- Lillit Cholakian
"Eye opening.  I am truly a better manager as a result of Chris.  My managerial skillset is way better than it was and is directly due to Chris.  
This is true throughout my management team.  Chris taught me to believe in myself first.  He showed me how to develop my skill sets that (he promised it would work and he was “spot on”) would make me a better team player and leader.  
I am a better employee, person and overall leader due to Chris and Chris alone.”"
- Jody McSweeney

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